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For such a lovely and idyllic area, the village of Hamlin’s history is surprisingly rooted in a time of hardship. The land that Hamlin covers was once filled with beautiful orange groves. After these groves faced a damaging set of freezes in the 1980’s, the owners gathered together and from their loss came a new idea for Horizon West and what a revolutionary Florida community could look like. Their hope was to create a faction of villages, all within walking distance of each other, that could foster a sense of unity. Forty years later and the dream that those original founders had is being fully realized. So much has grown since that time and the current residents of Hamlin in Horizon West and surrounding villages are reaping the benefits of these founders’ words.

The village of Hamlin is a seamless blend of mom and pop shops and beloved brands. There is a wide variety of cuisine and dining types to satisfy whatever cravings and convenience one may need. Looking for a quick bite that’s not the usual burgers and fries? The French Cafe offers quick service and unique cuisine. Want to sit in luxurious settings and have an authentic Mediterranean meal? Try Bosphorous, serving Turkish cuisine and excellent happy hour drinks! If you’re looking for a way to close out a date night, Cinepolis is a luxury multiplex within walking distance of most communities that features reclining seats and a gourmet menu. (While Cinepolis is currently closed, they are making plans to begin reopening soon and have outlined their plan on their website). These and many other new offerings are in the process of being built, like Ford’s Garage and others to satisfy your needs and desires.

The walk to and from surrounding communities and the Town Center also offers wide sidewalks and well-maintained parks for the little ones. Hamlin is the perfect place if you want a wholesome and unique community to raise your children in and call home. Not only are there numerous top-rated grade schools to choose from, there are also several new pre-K centers opening to assist with your little ones. In Hamlin and Horizon West there are always family events going on to keep the you and your family busy.  

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