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Horizon West Schools, what to expect when moving to this area of Florida.

When moving to a new location, the first thought in every parent’s mind is schools: public or private, how close, how good are they, etc. It can often be a major concern when you find the perfect house, in the perfect neighborhood, in a county with a substandard school system. In Horizon West, parents can rest at ease knowing that no matter what village they choose, there will be an abundance of well rated schools.

Horizon West parents are lucky in that there are a number of amazing features that come along with this school district. First, the walkability: it is not uncommon while traveling around Horizon West to see a number of students walking around the streets. That is because many schools are close enough to residential areas that parents allow their kids to walk home after school. In fact, the schools are so close that the majority of Horizon West children live within a two mile radius of a school. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it spares parents with older children the hassle of worrying about pick up, when they are simply a stroll away from being back home.

Horizon West offers several incredible public schools from elementary school to high school. Bay Lake Elementary School is an excellent example of the amazing education Orange County Public Schools provides. Bay Lake is a Grade A school, along with Independence Elementary School and Keene’s Crossing Elementary School. Each of these offer a typical K through 5 programs, as well as top rated academics. Sunset Park Elementary School is another excellent public school option, that implements a number of academic programs to further your child’s education. Some of these programs include the Go Math! Program and the Accelerated Reader Program, that encourages little ones to read.

After elementary school comes middle school and there remains a myriad of choices for your pre-teen as they begin to grow. Bridgewater Middle School is a Grade A school in which 70% of students are proficient in math skills. Overall, Bridgewater is in the top 30% of Florida middle schools. The school offers a Junior Beta Club as well as a Junior Honor Society to make sure your child has the room to grow that they need as they move on to high school.

As your child begins high school, they will be set on a path of academic success with Horizon West’s many wonderful public high schools. In Windermere High School, the average SAT score is 1210 with an average ACT score of 25. On average, most Windermere High students attend the University of Central Florida, the University of Florida, and Florida State University. The school also offers several clubs to keep your child busy and engaged, including an ASL club, a Harry Potter Club, a History Club, and a Key Club just to name a few.

If you are a Horizon West parent looking for a private school, there are a number of options to take your child from disappears to diplomas. Programs at the Cranium Academy begin as early as toddler aged and go to elementary school. The Cranium Academy’s curriculum focuses on active thinking rather than just memorizing facts and moving on, as most schools do. While children learn what they need to excel academically, they also learn how to apply what they have been taught into practical applications.

Windermere Preparatory is a unique example of a school that takes children from pre-kindergarten to high school. Windermere Prep is also unique in that it is the only school in the area that offers day and boarding options. Windermere Prep offers an International Baccalaureate program which focuses on academic rigor as a means of bettering your child’s academic future. The school also collaborates with Julliard on their performing arts programs to provide the highest caliber of music, dance and acting education.

And as if all these amazing schools weren’t enough, there is still more planned for Horizon West. In fact, seven out of the nineteen schools planned for Orange County will be built in the Horizon West area. Like the rest of Horizon West, the school district will grow and only get better as time goes on!

Mike Spicer An official Agent of Excellence, is a local Realtor that, lives, works and enjoys Horizon West daily. If you ever have questions about the neighborhoods, the parks, or homes in the area feel free to reach out to Mike directly he would love to help. This blog written by, the Michael Spicer, P.A. Horizon West Group, of Keller Williams Realty at the Lakes.

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